Haigh Ireland

Haigh Engineering is a UK company that designs and manufactures automated equipment for the wastewater & sewage industry.

The main product range is fine screens, but also includes macerators and grit removal plant. For many years Haigh has been supplying the Haigh Ace Screener. This is a fine screen that removes material such as wipes and rags from flows up to 80 litres per second. The equipment is unique in that it requires no wash water to operate, giving low cost operation. It also produces a very clean, dry and compact screening product.

Haigh also offer unique systems for removing coarse grit and gravel from the wastewater flow, thus protecting screens, pumps and other downstream equipment.

Innovative equipment that is now offered includes a Band Screen for flows up to 200 litres per second. This is a thorough modern design that can be serviced easily in-situ, for the whole service life. The system has no brushes or chains, and uses no external washwater.

Another innovation is a fully factory-built Inlet Works, for flows of up to 150 litres per second. This incorporates all equipment needed for a typical inlet works into a single unit. This system is of
modern & highly efficient design resulting in low operating costs. No external washwater is required, and it is very simple to service & maintain. The design ensures maximum process efficiency with an ergonomic design that prioritises Health and Safety.

Flow Technology Services Ltd are the exclusive Irish Distributor, in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, for Haigh products. The main clients are Northern Ireland Water and Irish Water. Flow offers the full range of support, from initial system specification, sales, installation, maintenance and servicing. We have fully equipped workshops and stores. We also have experienced and fully trained Field Engineers.