November 15, 2017
haigh grit pump
Grit Pump
November 15, 2017

Band Gritter

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This robust & automated grit removal system is for flows of up to 150 l/s, and is typically used in pipeline and fabricated channel installations, or pipelines with flanged inlet & outlet. It is an ideal method to protect equipment on sites that receive a waste water inflow with a heavy grit loads.

Separate washwater not required.
As is typical for Haigh plant, no separate washwater is required. Wash water is taken from the channel, downstream of the inlet screen by a pump to deliver flushing / washing water to the internal grit collection trough and washing drum.

Coarse grit removed
The channel below the Band Gritter is shaped to encourage the capture of all coarse grit & stones, being any heavy material that is not in suspension. This enables us to remove grit & stones before an inlet screen, thus protecting the screen (and other downstream plant) from wear or damage. This can be very useful on sites with significant grit & stones present in the flow.

Robust process
The Band Gritter contains moving buckets that raise settled grit and discharge it into an internal trough, that feeds into a washing drum. Wash water flushes the grit down the grit down the trough into the rotating washing drum where screening material is floated off and returned to the channel whilst the grit is raised by vanes within the drum, drained of water and delivered into the discharge chute.

Early grit removal
Using this system, large grit and stones can be effectively removed from the incoming flow before they cause damage to screens and pumps and lessen the need for personnel to have to remove material of this type from tanks and chambers and other places were coarse grit may settle.