haigh grit pump
November 15, 2017
January 2, 2018


In the wastewater and sewage industry, sumps and tanks come in a very wide range of configurations. There are operational problems encountered that can be effectively addressed by using the Vaughan Chopper Pump to blend and condition the material in the well.


There are often issues caused by the accumulation of floating and/or settled material. Removal of such material may necessitate regular vacuum-tanker visits and personnel access to the contained volume may also be required, with the attendant health & safety risks. Accumulated floating material also tends to turn septic, resulting in further health & safety concerns due to odour issues. A Vaughan Conditioning system will keep the full working volume in motion, reducing the tendency for material to accumulate, and the chopping action of the Vaughan Pump breaks up any material and homogenises the medium.


Accumulation of heavy material may also cause periodic blockages of pumps that are of a less capable design than the Vaughan Chopper Pump. A problem often encountered in sewage wells is when a floating accumulation of wipes and FOG (Fats. Oils & Grease) combines to form a substantial raft of debris. The conditioning of the working volume with a Vaughan system circulates and breaks up wipes, rags, etc and makes them easier to pump forward. Hence a bespoke conditioning system can increase the effectiveness and reliability of existing transfer pumps, as well as processes further downstream.
If you provide us with dimensional details of the working volume of a well, then we can provide a bespoke solution for your consideration. This would be based on the world-wide experience of Vaughan, in many thousands of applications.