CVA Range
April 25, 2017
April 25, 2017

CMA Range


Compact modulating control valve actuators

CMA range modulating actuators deliver a series of sizes suitable for linear, quarter-turn and rotary control valve and pump applications requiring precise position control and continuous modulation.


The Rotork CMA Range provides for simple, safe and easy set-up via an internal electronic 6-segment LCD display and push button configuration.


  • Powered by single-phase or direct current supplies
  • Linear, quarter-turn and rotary drive action
  • Optional Local Controls with LCD Display (linear, quarter-turn, rotary)
  • Local Controls with LCD Display Plus Supercapacitor Reserve Power Pack (RPP) (linear and quarter-turn only) units available
  • Permanently lubricated and maintenance free drive train
  • Capable of being mounted in any orientation
  • Accurate and repeatable position control
  • 4 to 20 mA loop powered, feedback signal
  • Digital communication options including HART®, Foundation FieldbusTM, Profibus®, Pakscan, RIRO and Modbus® available
  • Field selectable adjustments for:
    • Deadband
    • Zero and span
    • Command signal type
    • Standard or reverse acting
    • Manual-auto operation
    • Output shaft position on loss of signal
  • All CMA units have the ability to adjust their speed 50-100% of operation
  • Shut off torque/thrust capability (60 -150% of rated) for required tight shut off at the valve in the CLOSE position
  • Wide standard ambient temperature range:
    EP Product: -4 to +149 °F (-20 to 65 °C)
    WT Product: -22 to +158 °F (-30 to 70 °C)
  • Optional low temperature trim
  • Manual override standard
  • Electronic thrust/torque limiting
  • Two standard adjustable position switches
  • 24 VDC option
  • Pakscan, HART®, Profibus®, Modbus, DeviceNet and Foundation Fieldbus® available
    Optional hard wired RIRO (Remote In Remote Out)

Rotork is independent of valve manufacturers allowing us to work with a wide variety of valve makers and manufacturers worldwide.

CMA Range Benefits

  • Available in linear, quarter-turn and multi-turn versions and a range of five compact sizes
  • Economical operation of numerous types of control valve, damper and pump stroke adjuster applications
  • Maintenance-free drive train
  • Accurate and repeatable positional control
  • Resolution is 0.20% on linear and quarter-turn applications and 2 degrees on the multi-turn configuration
  • Continuous modulating performance