January 2, 2018
January 2, 2018


The patented Foambuster uses the same glass-lined ductile iron nozzles as Rotamix, and also uses a stainless-steel splash plate located below the nozzle to deflect the nozzle discharge and create a broad spray of sludge. This wets and breaks up foam, preventing it from forming on the surface of the digester. Digester sludge is pumped through the Foambuster either by the Rotamix Chopper Pump or by a separate Chopper Pump. When the Foambuster is used in conjunction with a tank mixing system, which produces a rotational mixing pattern in the tank, only one spray nozzle will be required for effective foam control.

The Foambuster nozzle, mounted above liquid level, may be mounted near the tank periphery and aimed radially inward towards the tank centre. Alternatively, the spray nozzle/deflector may be mounted at or near the tank centre and aimed radially outward at the tank outer wall. As the tank contents rotate beneath the spray nozzle, any foam present will be suppressed by the evenly dispersed spray pattern from the Foambuster. When used without a Rotamix mixing system, multiple Foambusters may be evenly distributed around the roof or on the walls of the tank to provide surface foam suppression. The size of the spray pattern will be controlled by the velocity of the fluid flow from the nozzle, and one style spray deflector will be suitable for all flow rates.


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