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November 14, 2017
Haigh band gritter
Band Gritter
November 15, 2017


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This system receives grit pumped in suspension from elsewhere, using a Haigh Grit Pump. This is coarse grit, being defined as grit that has settled out of suspension. The grit may have some screenings present, but these are removed and returned to in the flow to the inlet screen before settling out the grit. Settled grit is then drained and discharged.

Grit removal upstream of screen.
This is a unique aspect of Haigh grit removal plant. The independently mounted grit pump can remove the coarse grit & small stones from the flow before it reaches the inlet screen, protecting it from wear & damage.

Compact, robust design.
The unit can sit independently, or it can be mounted onto a tank system, along with a fine screen. As is the case with screenings processing can be at a location remote from the channel. Drained grit, free of screenings, can be discharged to a bin or skip. Wastewater returns to the process stream to the main works. All equipment is manufactured using 304 stainless steel.

Single motor operation.
One 0.25kW motor is all that is required for operation of this automated system.