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November 9, 2017
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November 9, 2017


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This Band Screen is currently available for waste water flows of up to 200 l/s, either to install in an existing concrete channel, or a prefabricated tank. The design is robust and modular, making operation, maintenance and servicing extremely simple and low cost. As with all Haigh equipment, it is designed to the latest WIMES standards.

This is an innovative modern, client-lead, design that sets a new standard for band screen performance in the sewage industry. It eliminates previous disadvantages that were associated with this type of screen. For example, there are no brushes or chains used in the equipment, removing items that previously required regular adjustment, repair & replacement.

Zero washwater
In common with other Haigh equipment, this Band Screen requires no external washwater. Traditionally, Band Screens have required considerable amounts of external wash water to enable operation. This system is designed to use channel flow for screen cleaning & screenings transport, hence removing a very large component of the whole life cost of the operation of the screen.

Screen performance
The standard screen, with 6mm perforations, has a screening capture ratio (SCR) of 79%, as independently tested at the NSEF. Due to the quality of the mechanical design, this SCR value is maintained for the lifetime of the system, and carry-through of rags is not possible. For 2mm perforations, the SCR rises to 94%.

Lifetime maintenance in-situ.
This design has been very carefully developed in consultation with major UK Waste Water PLCs. All critical components are easy to access for inspection & service, and parts replacement is quick and easy, requiringonly simple tools and no special skills. The Band Screen has been developed to enable maintenance for the whole lifetime of the plant to be completed without the need to remove the screen from the channel. This results in very large savings as there will be no costs for cranes, transport or workshop repair.

Low Head loss
This screen is designed to minimise head loss, and is approximately 160mm at a flow of 150 litres per second. This screen has often been retrofitted into existing works without difficulty.

Screenings processing options
Screenings are discharged from the Band Screen to a launder channel. Haigh offer two options for screenings processing. The Haigh ACE Package® produces very clean & dry low volume screenings, with an extremely low organics content and maximum flexibility of positioning for the discharge location. The second option is the Haigh ACE Pactor®, a more basic system that compacts and discharge the screenings directly to a skip.


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