haigh grit pump
Grit Pump
November 15, 2017
haigh grit pump
November 15, 2017

Haigh ACE Lipactor

This is a sophisticated system on a small footprint. It is designed to remove inorganic screenings and to return water and organics to the main flow to the sewage works. Wastewater containing macerated screenings is pumped to this equipment by a Haigh Macipump (macerating pump), which is supplied as part of a separate system. A unique internal mechanism then removes and compacts the screenings to a high degree before discharge.

No external washwater
As with all Haigh equipment, externally sourced washwater is not required for operation.

Process efficiency
This equipment is highly process efficient. It removes only the inorganic screenings and retains the water and organics for processing in the main sewage works.

Layout flexibility
As the screenings are pumped to this equipment, it can be positioned remotely from the screen channel to best suit the site layout.

High quality screenings processing
The processed screenings are discharged in a highly compacted state, at less than 20% of the volume that would be typical with simple compaction of whole screenings. These screenings have a very low water content, and are nearly organics-free. As they are very low in odour they are often stored, uncovered, indoors without causing a hazard. They also are less likely to attract insects or rodents.

Compact screenings
The low volume of screenings discharged means that a wheelie bin is suitable for most small sites where a skip would be required with more conventional screenings compactors. This reduces access needs, and reduces frequency of emptying of the bin. Transport and landfill costs are also reduced. As there is very little organics content in the material, there is no methane generation.