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November 9, 2017
November 15, 2017


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The ACE Screener can be supplied in a prefabricated box, with inlet and outlet flanges. Where suitable, this is a system that allows for a very quick & trouble-free installation. There is scope for much flexibility in system build options up to a flow of 80 l/s, using duty & standby fine screens with 6mm perforations. The system can also incorporate a bypass channel with a manually raked screen for back up. This system option can be developed into a full ‘Haigh Inlet’ system (detailed elsewhere) that incorporates all systems needed into a single unit for rapid installation and maximum reliability of operation.

Zero washwater requirement
As always with Haigh screens, external washwater is not needed for system operation.

Flexible system
In a box mounted format, there is considerable scope for flexibility in the system format and it can be fully designed and manufactured off-site. The unit can include a stone trap, manually raked bypass screen. Two screens can be incorporated, giving duty/standby operation.

Screenings quality options.
Depending on the site requirements, screenings can be discharged in a basic compacted form using an ACE Pactor type system, or alternatively they can be processed to a high quality using a Lipactor type system (both described elsewhere). The screenings processing element can be an integral part of the prefabricated system, or it can be installed further away from the screen to give


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