April 25, 2017
Backflow preventer – BABM CD
June 14, 2017

IQ – Multi-turn


The third generation intelligent actuator, a World first.

  • IQ3 Range multi-turn electric actuators can be used for isolation or regulating duties of up to 60 starts per hour. IQ3 Range actuators can be supplied as watertight or explosion-proof, watertight variants
  • Direct torque output range from 14 Nm (10 lbf ft) to 3,000 Nm (2,200 lbf ft)
  • With the addition of second stage gearboxes, multi-turn output torque up to 43,000 Nm and quarter turn up to 1,000,000 Nm is available
  • Enhanced sealing and maintenance access
  • All new design with updated visual appearance
  • Absolute position measurement with naturally redundant position sensor
  • Best in class display, communications, diagnostics and HMI
  • Configurable using Bluetooth® or infra-red
  • Designed to support asset management
  • “Future Proofed” to allow all embedded software to be upgraded in the field
  • Insight2 provides enhanced product data management