Haigh lipactor
Haigh ACE Lipactor
November 15, 2017
Vaughan chopper pump
January 2, 2018


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This Haigh Innovation combines a macerator and a pump in a single unit. This is very effective, as only a single motor is required to complete both functions. It is used for both industrial and sewage waste water applications.

Installation & application
Typically, it is mounted in an off-line conditioning tank which holds wastewater containing solids, for example sewage screenings or vegetable peelings. The system can process at dry solid levels up to about 2.5%.

Simple operation
This pump is simply and robustly made, with a hardened steel shear plate incorporating drilled perforations. During operation, the integral centrifugal pump draws water through the shear plate, as a rotating headstock chops material to allow it to pass through the holes.

There are a range of units available that can pump flows of up to 75 m3/hr, with some models being able to pump up to 15m total head.