3 Way Plug Valve
3 Way Plug Valve
June 13, 2017
Eccentric plug Valve
June 13, 2017

Stop Logs


penstocks (uk) ltd designs and manufactures a range of stop logs from 300mm to 4000mm, based on modular construction principals. Stop logs are suitable for water and wastewater level and manufactured from materials to suit the client’s application specification.

  • Robust construction for wall bolting, channel bolting and channel grouting.
  • Suitable for three side sealing, on/off seating.
  • Frame material in stainless steel in various grades to suit the application.
  • Log material, stainless steel in various grades and ALMG3.
  • Stop logs are provided with lifting poles or lifting beams to suit the application.
  • Larger sizes are available on request.