Run in air submersible pump
January 2, 2018

Submersible pump

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This is the most commonly used format in the Irish Market. It is a traditional design type, to IP68 submersible standard. It is supplied with an integral power & control cable and is also available in an Atex rated version.
It is typically mounted on guide rails for use in a dedicated wet well installation, and it is suitable for very deep wells.

A free-standing version is also available for certain applications.

The Vaughan Chopper Pump is commonly retrofitted into sumps to replace less capable pumps, to raise waste water which is carrying a heavy rag load. The control is usually set-up to regularly pump down to the ‘snore’ point, ensuring that build-up of floating rags & FOG is minimised. This reduces septicity and odours.

As the chopping components are made from case-hardened tool steel, the rate of wear is very slow. For maintenance, the back pull-out casing allows engineers to easily adjust the cutting components to compensate for wear.


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