haigh ace inlet
November 9, 2017
Haigh pipeliner Ireland
November 9, 2017


The ACE Pactor has been designed to process screenings from any inlet screen and can handle up to 8 l/s of launder wash water. Control is via ultrasonic level transducer, ensuring that the unit only runs when there is adequate screening material present. This results in short operating times and low whole life costs.

System options
Haigh offer this as a simpler alternative to the Haigh ACE Package. The ACE Package produces a highly processed screening product. The ACE Pactor is a straightforward compaction system that dewaters and discharges the screening product.

Zero washwater
As usual for Haigh Equipment, no additional external washwater is required for system operation, resulting in large operating cost savings over the lifetime of the equipment.

Robust design & ease of maintenance
This system is made in stainless steel to WIMES standard 6.03. It is designed for ease of installation as a plug & play unit. Maintenance is a simple in-situ operation, and the design allows for simple access to the drainage deck and brush assembly for inspection and maintenance.