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Vaughan Inc have manufactured this uniquely robust pump in Washington State, USA, since 1960. It has an unrivaled global reputation for reliability when pumping challenging fluid media, for both industrial and municipal sewage applications. It is important to note that this is not a macerating pump – chopped material is still of a significant size, but is broken up and easier to handle in downstream processes, such as screening.

The pump is a dedicated end-to-end design, specifically constructed to maximise effectiveness in chopping and pumping rag-laden or fibrous material without blocking. This anti-blockage design is achieved by using hardened tool steel components to create 5 chopping zones in critical areas in the pump. This pump has considerable benefits with regards to operational reliability and low long-term operating costs.

As the pump can be relied upon to continue operating when pumping challenging solids, this enables it to be offered confidently as the motive element in tank and sump mixing system. Vaughan have developed this solution using highly sophisticated Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to accurately simulate the mixing conditions.

Vaughan therefore offer a mixing system that comprises two interrelated elements – the non-block pump and a sophisticated mixing system comprising pipework elements and high-velocity nozzles. This mixing system is of unrivaled effectiveness for producing a homogenised volume, minimising the separation of material through floatation or settlement.