DeZurik Plug Valves

DeZurik Plug Valves

DeZURIK Plug Valves feature a rectangular port design that provides wide tolerance seating geometry for lasting superior shutoff. The eccentric plug action and resilient plug facings assure lasting dead-tight shutoff. Standard features include corrosion-resistant bearings, welded nickel seat, grit excluders, and adjustable stem seal packing. Port area options include 100% of standard pipe area for applications where the highest flow is required (such as pumped systems), and 70/80% area for non-pumped (gravity feed) systems. The straight-through body design maximizes flow capacity and reduces head loss. Flanged or mechanical joint end connections are available. Eccentric Plug Valves are capable of handling clean and dirty liquids and gases, sludge and slurries.

The rectangular area port of the DeZURIK Eccentric Plug Valve avoids the wear and other problems associated with point-to-point seating in valves utilizing a segmented ball design. With the cylindrical plug and rectangular port of the DeZURIK Eccentric Plug Valve, exact plug-to-seat alignment is not required. Axial alignment is not an issue, as it does not affect seat contact. Rotational alignment is provided by the eccentric action of the plug as it moves into the seat making uniform, full contact. Without the need for exact alignment, the plug shutoff position has much wider tolerances and provides more reliable shutoff.

Eccentric Plug valves are available with a variety of resilient plug facings. Even if small solids are trapped between the plug and seat, the resilient faced plug seals tightly, preventing seat damage. Bond Strength Integrity DeZURIK resilient plug facings are vulcanized to the iron plug to achieve superior bond strength. The vulcanizing process produces a resilient faced plug that provides the greatest reliability and longest service life.

Flow Technology services are the sole agent for DeZurik valve range in the UK and Ireland

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