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June 14, 2017
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November 9, 2017


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Haigh’s range of ACE Screeners® cover inlet flows from 0-80l/s. They are designed specifically for use in waste water and sewage treatment works. Installation flexibility is a key attribute, allowing project designers to use an ACE Screener® in virtually any situation, including retrofit into existing civil structures, new build channels, or as pipeline sections. All Haigh Screens are manufactured to WIMES standards, and are available in AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel. Due to the unique design of this system, screenings discharge can be at some distance from the screen installation, which can be a significant benefit when considering site layout.

Zero washwater

One of the great advantages of the ACE Screener® is that it requires no external washwater whatsoever. Often the cost of potable or piped in water is not considered in the Whole Life Cost of an installation, when up to 70 tonnes of water are used by some competitor products per day. The capital cost of an ACE Screener can therefore soon be recovered through savings on water usage. This is also a ‘greener’ alternative to other screen types

High Screenings Capture Ratio

The SCR of 64%, with 6mm screen perforations, is the highest in its class. Screening to 3 or 2mm is also possible. This performance has been independently tested at the independent NSEF facility.

Low volume screenings

Screenings are an unavoidable by-product of sewage treatment, so at Haigh we design our equipment to produce the minimum screenings residue. The material removed from the flow is dewatered, compressed and dried, and contains a very low amount of organic material. The original screenings volume is reduced by 94% so bin and skip movements are infrequent.

Maximum organics returned to treatment

Handling and transporting screenings containing high levels of organics can be a problem, so ACE Screeners® are designed to retain the maximum percentage of organics in the channel flow. This results in improved downstream processing and limits residual organic solids in the screenings to less than 5% of the original screened material. The resulting end product is very clean, with little smell and disposal is easier.Insect and rodent nuisance levels are also reduced.

Low Head loss and small footprint

At maximum flow, head loss is less than 100mm with the Haigh ACE Screener®. Combined with a small footprint, and requiring a short channel, it is ideally suited for retrofits and installations on sites with hydraulic limitations.