Haigh band gritter
Band Gritter
November 15, 2017
Haigh lipactor
Haigh ACE Lipactor
November 15, 2017

Grit Pump

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A grit pump can be installed to remove coarse grit from the inlet flow to a works. A shaped channel floor allows the heavier, coarse grit and gravel to be trapped below the grit pump. It then operates intermittently, pumping the water containing grit to a Haigh Gritter for settlement and removal.

Macipump similarities
This pump is similar to the Haigh Macipump, or macerating pump. A hardened steel plate has large holes that allow grit to be draw in by the pump. If there are any screenings present, they will be macerated by a rotating headstock and enter the pumped flow. They are then removed by the (separately supplied) gritter unit, which is mounted elsewhere. The hardened steel components are designed for maximum lifetime and they are straightforward to replace when worn.

Equipment protection
This pump enables grit to be removed from the flow, helping to protect all downstream plant from wear and damage. The service life of equipment such as screens and pumps is then improved.

Flexibility of design
There are various methods used to mount the grit pump, depending on site layout. The pump then feeds to a remotely mounted gritter, which may be some distance from the channel. This enables greater flexibility of site layout, a great advantage on more restricted sites.

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