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November 9, 2017
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November 9, 2017


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This innovative equipment is the latest in screening, conditioning and dewatering. It is supplied as one integrated Inlet Works unit, with sizes available for flows of up to 150 l/s, with duty/standby screens. It is standardised, but is available with a range of options and can be easily configured to suit a specific site layout. Packaged inlets are factory built to specification, pre-wired and cabled with integrated controls, ready for a fast and efficient installation. Our emphasis is modular flexibility – so design constraints are effectively removed and design compromise is reduced. This is a true ‘plug and play’ system.

Integrated & Optimised System
The Haigh Inlet can include:
• Upstream distribution tank & flow control/measurement.
• Storm screen integration (storm screen by others).
• Stone trap.
• Coarse Grit Removal, upstream of the screen(s).
• Automated & manual penstocks.
• Duty/standby Screen.
• Manual bypass screen & gross overflow.
• Screenings processing, with options for 2 standards of processing.
• Fine grit removal (grit plant by others).
• Downstream distribution tank & flow control/measurement.
All systems are integrated, optimised and tested as part of a factory based design & build.

Zero Washwater requirements.
As characterises the Haigh range of equipment, even the largest of these systems requires no external washwater for operation.

Grit removal
Uniquely, Haigh can offer a system that removes all stones and coarse grit before the screens, hence protecting the screens from heavy wear and potential physical damage. The coarse grit can be removed using a patented Band Degritter which also washes and drains the grit before discharge, using no external wash water. Coarse grit is defined as all grit that is not in suspension. Fine grit, in suspension, can be removed by a separate system downstream of the screens.

Very high screening efficiency
Haigh Ace Inlets for flows up to 80 l/s incorporate the Ace Screener. This system has a Screenings Capture Ratio (SCR) of 64% with 6mm perforation. This is a market leading efficiency for small screens. For the Haigh Ace Inlet for flows to 150 l/s a Haigh Ace Band Screen is used. This offers a 79% SCR value at 6mm, which is maintained for the lifetime of the works.

Risk removal, speed of installation & MCERTS.
This all-in-one inlet works removes much risk, be that in Process Performance, Health & Safety, Contract Design Management (CDM) and financial risk. There is also a significant lead time reduction for supply of equipment. On-site, only a suitable plinth, inlet & outlet flanges and a mains cable are required. Even the largest system can be fully installed and commissioned within a working week. The system can also be supplied with full MCERTS flow certification, as is often required by environmental agencies. A process guarantee is also offered by the manufacturer.

Sophisticated control
The Haigh Inlet incorporates a state of the art touch-screen control system which gives full visibility of equipment state, event history, maintenance scheduling, etc. This control also allows for easy integration into a SCADA system, or for system monitoring from a remote location via telemetry.

Ease of Maintenance.
All equipment is designed to be ergonomic and easy to access, with the overall system designed to all required H&S standards. The Inlet works also incorporates local stop/start controls & isolators. Hence maintenance and servicing is simple and straightforward for all regular tasks.


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