haigh screen pactor
November 9, 2017
haigh ace inlet
November 9, 2017


The ACE Package™ processes screenings from raw sewage screens, efficiently and effectively. The process takes raw screenings from the screen launder flow, washes and separates the faecal matter and compacts the remaining material as a clean dry product ready for disposal as ‘ACE Screenings’. This end-product is as little as one sixth of the volume of screenings compared to those that are simply compacted.

Zero washwater
As is typical for Haigh Equipment, no additional external washwater is required for system operation.

Process effectiveness
The organic material is returned to the wastewater flow and hence is processed by the main works. This improves the effectiveness of the process, producing better sludge.

Flexible solution
This equipment is suitable for treating wastewater screenings produced from screens of any size and manufacture. The flexible ACE Packages™ can be used in conjunction with fine or coarse screens. The modular design allows engineers to integrate the package into any site layout. This means the disposal point or skip can be in the most convenient location for removal. Hence site layout can be optimised, and overall plant footprint minimised.

Whole Life Cost savings
The substantial reduction in the volume of screenings produced by ACE Packages™ requires fewer skip movements and less landfill volume. This lowers whole life costs when compared with alternatives. With increasing landfill costs and legislative requirements this ensures useful cost savings and this advantage is expected to be increasingly relevant in the future.

Environmentally friendly option
Due to nearly all the organic faecal content and water being returned to the main flow to the works, and the production of a low volume of clean, dry, screenings, this Haigh system is a very green option.