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November 9, 2017
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November 9, 2017


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The Screen Pactor is a combined screen and screenings handling system suitable for pipeline installation. It is available in two models, with respective peak flow rates capacities of 40 and 80 l/s. This system combines the high screen efficiency of the Haigh ACE Screener with a simple integrated compactor, discharging alongside the screen.

Zero washwater
As is typical for Haigh Equipment, no additional external washwater is required for system operation. This saves a considerable amount in operating costs over the lifetime of the screen. Another benefit is that the system will not be adversely affected by low temperatures or any water supply issues.
High Screenings Capture Ratio
The SCR of 64%, with 6mm screen perforations, is the highest in its class. Screening to 3 or 2mm is also possible. This results in a higher proportion of inorganic material being removed from the flow, which assists downstream processes.

Ease of installation
The system can quickly and easily be installed between two flanges. It has a small footprint and can incorporate a bypass channel containing a manually raked screen. Another useful benefit is that the screen causes little head loss, about 100mm at maximum flow. If appropriate for the installation, a control panel can be supplied mounted onto the screen unit.

Simple maintenance
The unit is operated by two motors, and is designed for ease of access for servicing & maintenance. All critical components are easy to access. As washwater is not required, there are no maintenance issues with wash water booster stations, filters, pumps, break tanks, etc.


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