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Unrivalled mixing capability for challenging mediums.

The main benefit of using the Vaughan Chopper Pump is the high reliability over a long period of operation when pumping challenging wastewater media. Thus, it can be confidently offered for mixing applications for sewage and sludge that contains a challenging level of solids. This is often rags & wipes. As the motive force for a mixing application in these conditions, there is no other pump in the world that can offer the blockage-free performance that is achieved with the Vaughan.
This high reliability in challenging conditions means that this pump can be used for mixing applications that would not previously have been considered with a less-capable pump.

Applications include tank mixing to produce a homogeneous medium and sump conditioning to break up rags and prevent both floating and settled material from accumulating in a sump or tank.

There are configurations to suit most mixing and conditioning applications in the wastewater and sewage industry.

The reliability of the pump is only one element of this mixing solution. Suitable pipework and high-velocity nozzles completes a full mixing system. Importantly, the mixing system design is developed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation software. Uniquely, Vaughan use this tool to develop highly effective mixing in tanks of all sizes and shapes.

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